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No future without a past

It is with pride that we look back on a corporate history that extends over more than 150 years. When our company was founded in 1858, it was a small shop for repairing agricultural machinery. Today, it is a company that has opened up markets for itself all over the world.


Albert Doering founds the enterprise, temporarily using an old smithy and a shed for his work.


Albert Doering’s brother-in-law, Johann Heinrich Hoffmann, joins the company as a partner, which subsequently changes its name to DOERING & HOFFMANN".


The first new buildings come up, including a foundry. As Heinrich Hoffmann has left the company in the meantime, it now bears the name "ALBERT DOERING GmbH".
Its product range includes water pipes, valves and fittings, and piston pumps.


After Albert Doering’s death at the age of 68, his sons, Albert Jr. and Carl, take over the management of the company.


After the First World War and the years of crisis that followed, the Doering brothers sell the company to Friedrich Wilhelm Cloos, his wife, Anna, and her brother, Heinrich Haubach. Carl Doering retains 22.6% of the shares.
At the suggestion of the new partners, Heinrich Henkel is appointed chief executive until Ing. Fritz Cloos, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Cloos, takes over the management in 1937.


Fritz Cloos, killed in the last days of the war, is succeeded by his brothers, Dr. Ing. Ernst and Amando Cloos MD, who rebuild the operation and compensate the economic destruction of the Second World War in the next few years.


After a setback caused by the currency reform of 1948, the output increases again. Milling machines are added to the product portfolio.


DOERING CYLPEBS are included in the product range; their production increases steadily throughout the next few years.

Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Cloos, son of Dr Ernst Cloos, joins the company one year later.


The Holzhausen ironworks is purchased to meet the growing demand for Cylpebs.


Amando Cloos MD dies, leaving his shares to his daughter, Christiane. Dr. jur. Fritz Meckel becomes managing director together with Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Cloos.


A pattern-making shop is set up. The importance of castings for toolmaking and mechanical engineering made by the lost-foam process is increasing constantly. From the original range of engineered valves and fittings, Doering’s production range still features the foot valves that are used as non-return valves in pumping stations. Doering concludes licensing agreements for the manufacture of Cylpebs with Doral in Istanbul, the Brazilian Siderurgia Sao Sebastiao, the Australian Commonwealth Steel, and the South African Eclipse company.


Dr jur. Fritz Meckel leaves the board of management, to which Dieter Horz, the production manager, is appointed.


DOERING International is founded, pooling all import and export activities. The company is managed by Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Cloos and Ulrich Adams.


Dipl. Ing. (FH) Bernhard Cloos, son of Ulrich Cloos, joins the company.

The first CNC milling machine and the first CAD workplace are installed in the pattern-making department. Production focuses on foam patterns for lost-foam casting


Bernhard Cloos succeeds Dieter Horz in the management of the company. 
The production of castings is switched entirely to the lost-foam process. 
A new building for dressing castings is commissioned.


One half of the foundry hall as well as a new knocking-out section have their roof height increased to 12 metres and their crane capacity to 80 tons without interrupting operations. The second half follows two years later.


A new moulding shop is completed and commissioned. It features a crane capacity of 100 tons and mould boxes up to 7.5 metres long and 3.5 metres wide. In May, the company celebrates its 150th anniversary with a ceremony and an Open House. 

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