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Ideas moulded into shape

We rely on modern technology to meet the specific requirements of our customers from different industries.

When making patterns, our staff employ their extensive knowledge of processes, materials and future part use in the production process in order to obtain tailored results. This includes data conditioning and reviewing the design data provided under moulding an pouring aspects. Based on the conditioned data, the pattern is milled in several layers from polysterene blocks which are then joined together manually to form the finished pattern.

We use our 3-D measuring system for acceptance records and digital images to document the correct execution of patterns. Customers may also use our pattern shop to conduct their own acceptance checks.

Facts and figures

The foundry in detail

Efficient, fair, and reliable in business - that is DOERING. A competent iron foundry steeped in tradition, we stand for sustainability and reliability.

Depending on requirements, we make castings either by the lost-foam or the conventional mould process, providing our customers with services and support from scratch. This includes consulting, pattern making and preparation, moulding, pouring, knocking out and blasting, casting aftertreatment and colouration and, of course, logistic.

At a glance:

  • Output volume: 25,000 tons per year
  • Employees: 150 incl. trainees
  • Industries: automotive, toolmaking, mechanical and special engineering, mining, and mineral processing
  • Exports: worldwide
  • Castings weighing up to 25 tons, hand-moulded
  • Grey and nodular-graphite iron castings conforming to EN 1561 and EN 1563, including alloys such as EN-GJL HB255, EN-GJS HB265
  • Moulding boxes up to 7,500 mm x 3,600 mm
  • Cold-blast cupola furnace with oxygen injection
  • Magnesium inoculation of nodular-graphite iron by the wire-reel process
  • Corrosion protection - water-soluble and one or two-components RAL primers
  • Mould-filling and solidification simulation with NovaFlow&Solid CV TM
  • Stress analysis with NovaStress CV TM
  • basic and finishing mechanical treatment


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